My current work involves using sequence based models to learn about how post-transcriptional regulation may affect RNA stability. A major theme is trying to understand the contributions and interactions between different regulatory mechanisms in a cell-type specific way.

Inference of alleles which may be derived from Neanderthal introgression.

I’m also working to develop methods to study ancient migration events using contemporary genomes. For more information, check out smcsmc.

Previous Research

@ London School of Hygiene and Medicine (Frank Dudbridge)

Building on the idea that a single polygenic risk score may not capture all relevant information, I continued the work of my undergraduate thesis and developed a cardiometabolic risk score for the prediction of various complex traits. I also worked on the theoretical properties of optimal disovery procedure (ODP), a relatively recent framework for multiple testing correction.

@ University of Toronto, Lancaster University (Jo Knight)

I wrote coRge to evaluate different methods of adjusting P values for multiple testing correction in GWAS, and also wrote goldi to find Gene Ontology terms in biomedical articles.

I also collaborated with Nuwan Hettige to construct a polygenic risk score for anti-psychotic dosage and with Meghan Chenoweth to perform a GWAS for NMR, a biomarker for nicotine metabolism.

@ University of Ottawa Heart Institute (Ruth McPherson)

I worked alongside Dr. Majid Nikpay to construct polygenic risk scores for dyslipidedmia and found them to be significantly altered by adiposity. Additionally used a Mendelian randomization study to find links between Coronary Artery Disease aetiology and obesity.

My thesis focused on combining polygenic risk scores across different predisposing conditions to create a master score which would be more predictive than its constituents. This was formalized when in London with Frank Dudbridge.

@ University of Ottawa (Stephane Aris-Brosou)

I designed and implemented a rejection sampler to determine phylogeny topology in viral evolution. And started learning R!