Since trying, and failing, to use many different applications to harmonize my growing collection of recipes, I decided to write my own. Here you can browse a list of all my recipes or by tag. The recipes are printer friendly and easy to use on a mobile device. I've made the application in such a way that there is very little maintenance required, feel free to read the technical summary if you are interested. Thanks for stopping by.

Technical summary

The application is fully written in flask, though I wanted to host it on a static server. To accomplish this, I used a combination of Flask-Freeze and CirlceCI with gh-pages to both make the site static and automatically deploy to github pages whenever I push to the repository. Recipes are described through an extremely simple YAML markup with flexible fields that can be omitted if desired. Tags are rendered out seperately and are linked to the recipes they belong to. Other than that, I lifted some CSS from the al-folio jekyll theme that I use for my main site. If curious, the website is open source on Github.