Christopher B. Cole


I’m a student in the DPhil Genomic Medicine and Statistics Programme at the University of Oxford (Exeter College) jointly funded by the Wellcome Trust and the Clarendon Fund. Currently I am working with Prof Gerton Lunter and Prof Mark McCarthy to understand how the human microbiome interacts with our genome to influence the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. I also have a strong interest in ancient DNA and studying history through the lens of genetics, and am working to understand ancient human population movement using machine learning. During my first year I worked with Prof. Simon Myers looking at Neanderthal introgression into human genetics for a research rotation. Previously I have worked extensively on developing new kinds of polygenic risk scores, understanding how stratified false disovery rate correction may be used in GWAS, and how gene environment interactions may affect cardiovascular disease. Please see the links below for an up-to-date record of my publications.

Outside of work, I’m an avid hiker, coffee enthusiast, and home baker, though the last is a work in progress.

我慢慢学中文在牛津语言中心。 我的女朋友是中国人,我们去了北京。

On the web


I am a teaching assistant and demonstrator for Simon Myers’ intercollegiate Stochastic Models in Mathematical Genetics course at the Department of Statistics offered as a part of the Oxford Msc in Mathematical Sciencs (OMMS) and BA/MMath Maths and Statistics.


I hold an Honours BSc in Biomedical Science specializing in Biostatistics (COOP) from the University of Ottawa.

Three of my four COOP semesters were spent doing research at the University of Toronto Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and the University of Lancaster Data Science Institute supervised by Dr. Jo Knight. My final term was spent at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine with Professor Frank Dudbridge. My thesis was entitled Optimal Polygenic Prediction of Coronary Artery Disease and was supervised by Professor Ruth McPherson at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.


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